Fragile but Fierce – a Column by Patrice Williams

Patrice is mother to two boys: 8-year-old Gideon and 11-year-old Jonah, who was diagnosed at birth, in 2009, with junctional epidermolysis bullosa. She is married to her sort-of high school sweetheart, Matt. They live in North Carolina with their two smelly dogs. Patrice loves reading, spending time with family, and being outside. Her greatest talents are taking naps and eating tacos. She hopes this column will give hope to those living with epidermolysis bullosa and light to those who love them.

As my baby grows up, I must learn to let go

My son Jonah turned 14 at the end of last month. To celebrate, he invited 10 (!) kids over to our house to hang out. They played basketball, darts, and pingpong and rode our go-kart. Except when they wanted food or cake, Jonah didn’t need me. I didn’t need to…