Giving my body a rest while relaxing at the beach

A columnist with EB focuses on giving her skin the break it deserves

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by Lena Riedl |

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My life has been crazy lately, in good and bad ways. I’ve confronted many challenges and felt like I’d reached my limit in certain areas. I even lost focus, forgetting to do things that make me happy and boost my confidence, such as playing sports. I also experienced moments that felt too good to be true.

But throughout these hectic weeks, the light at the end of the tunnel was the vacation I’m now on.

My travels started with a short girls’ trip to Barcelona, Spain, with one of my best friends. After learning to love reggaeton music last year, we attended the Reggaeton Beach Festival, which was a fun weekend full of music, sunburns, and maybe a bit too much to drink.

Then, life presented me with an opportunity I’ve long dreamed about: A friend was looking for someone to take care of her dog in Mallorca. In exchange, I could live in her flat for free. A win-win. I was already missing my dog, Nala, so I was happy to have a furry friend for a few days. Plus, I couldn’t say no to the beach — the place where I feel most alive.

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I need a break from the constant demands of epidermolysis bullosa

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As of this writing, it’s my second day on the island, and all the pressure of the past few weeks feels ready to boil over — but not in a relieving way. My head keeps spinning, and I feel strange, lonely, small, and a bit lost. This isn’t the relaxing and reenergizing beach trip I expected.

But even though I don’t really feel like myself right now, I’m still in here. Although it may feel like a setback, not being at 100% is an opportunity to work on myself, to grow, to get in touch with me again.

As most of you know, this column is dedicated to my life with epidermolysis bullosa (EB), which makes my skin as fragile as the wings of a butterfly. I usually have something to write about concerning my skin or my life with a rare condition; this month’s column, however, demonstrates that EB is only a part of me. It doesn’t control my entire life.

Still, I want to take this opportunity to thank my body. We make a great team, and even though the past few months have been challenging, my skin decided not to make it harder for me by acting out. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t in pain — I was, but my skin was still an amazing companion.

Maybe that’s what I should focus on during my travels: giving back to my body and being grateful that I can travel solo. Going to the beach and being in salty water have always been the best treatment for my skin. I deserve to relax, take a break, and give my skin the rest it deserves. So after finishing these last sentences, meet me at la playa!

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