The pressure of turning 30 and how I’ve relieved it

Lowering my stress by reflecting on my accomplishments while living with EB

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The year 2023 has been full of new beginnings and big adventures, including turning 30 last month. But that’s made me feel pressure. I felt I had to reach certain standards and goals as I said goodbye to my 20s. I didn’t feel I was where I should be for my age.

At the same time, I don’t know where I picked up that dogma. When I looked around my bubble of contacts, not everyone had reached the same stage in life. So why was I putting myself under such pressure? I was forgetting how far I’ve come.

That’s why I wanted to take this moment as an opportunity to reminisce and reconsider. Following are a few things I’m proud of and grateful for:

Relief through listing achievements

Having a good attitude: One thing I really like about myself is that I have a positive outlook. I always believe in the good in people and the world. Even when I’m feeling down or hopeless, I know that I’ll find a way back to my happy, sparkling self.

Managing my epidermolysis bullosa (EB): I was born with this rare skin condition, which makes your skin so fragile that the slightest friction causes blisters and wounds. Living with EB means a life full of pain, fear, and restrictions. But despite that, I try to do everything I want and make things work out for me.

Dealing with limitations: Though I try to do everything I want without letting EB stop me, I also accept that I do have limitations and can’t do everything I’d like.

Accepting who I am: I face EB and all the challenges it throws at me daily. My disease is not something I want to hide anymore, and I show my scars proudly. I’ve learned to love and embrace my skin.

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Adopting Nala: In 2020, I made one of my biggest dreams come true: I adopted a little, black, vivacious dog named Nala. She makes me face my fears and question some of my beliefs. She’s also like a little mirror for myself and a reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things.

Modeling: I’ve always wanted to be a model. I wanted to prove to the world and myself that scars are normal, beautiful, and tell an individual story. Thus, they should be embraced rather than hidden. In 2020, I won a contest and became a cover model for Wienerin, one of the biggest magazines in Austria, where I live.

Living abroad: In 2017, I went to Marbella, Spain, for an internship with Debra: Piel de Mariposa (“butterfly children”), a patient organization and charity for people with EB. After a few months there, I realized I was the happiest I’d ever been, so I decided stay for over a year. To do that, I put together all the documents required to live and work there (which I mainly managed by myself). And while there, I learned Spanish. That’s something I’m proud of; living there remains one of the best learning experiences in my life so far.

Traveling: This summer, I went on holidays by myself for the first time, and I loved it. I enjoy my own company, so I know if I want to see something, I can always go by myself.

Making a fresh start: That’s what I did in many ways in 2023, including starting a new job at a public relations agency. I’m still facing a lot of fears about making mistakes and not being good enough, of starting over and learning new things.

Running 5Ks and more: I’m happy that I always find ways to play sports, even if there are some I’ll never be able to handle with my EB. In September, I ran my fifth 5K race. For some people, that’s not a big deal, but for me it is. Growing up, I thought I couldn’t be athletic. But seeing myself run a race from start to finish proves that there’s so much more I can do, and I’m sure I’ll continue to push my boundaries. Maybe I’ll run a 10K next?

Speaking publicly: I’m proud that I talk openly about my life with EB both in the media and in front of large, live audiences — in German, English, and sometimes Spanish.

Being an entrepreneur: I’m proud that in 2022, I was able to turn my hobby into a job by founding my own company, Die Ordnerin, through which I offer personal organizing services.

Now that I’ve reviewed these accomplishments and highlights of my first 30 years, I feel peaceful, as if the weight I felt after my birthday has been taken off my shoulders. I’ve come so far, achieving a lot and bringing much to the table along the way.

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